New version features: Full Auto Trade  mode, no need to select pairs, automatic monthly matching of the best currency pairs and parameters!

Real-time signal monitoring

GoodMorningEA is an advanced night trading system. It uses intelligent algorithms to enter the market safely when the market is at its calmest, and has a variety of ways to exit. The system I have studied for many years, and for the improvement of the current market situation, to make it more responsive to recent market conditions, it can be seen from the test results back from the beginning of January 2021, GoodMorning’s performance is getting better!

GoodMorning does not use Martin, does not use grids, only a strict rule-based trading method, only opens one order at a time, and sets a stop loss for each transaction, allowing the maximum return while controlling risk.


Recommended currency pairs: EURUSD, EURCHF, GBPUSD, USDCHF

Timefream: M5

It can be seen from the backtest curve that GoodMorningEA cannot guarantee profit every day and every month. In fact, no one or EA can guarantee it, because there is no holy grail in trading.


  • Full Auto Trade mode, no need to manually set the pairs, automatically match the best currency pairs every month
  • Pending orders can be used to enter and exit the market, effectively reducing slippage
  • Just one chart can run all varieties
  • Multiple exit mechanisms
  • Reliable backtest and LIVE SIGNAL
  • The backtest uses GMT+2 by default, and most brokers use this GMT offset. If the backtest results are not good, please try to modify the GMT settings, if you have any questions, please contact me.
  • The minimum deposit is 50USD.

How to install

Use only the recommended pairing, you do not need .set file, all settings are stored in the internal EA


EA needs good broker conditions: low spreads and slippage during the rollover period, the best account type is ECN. You can privately message me for advice.

EA should continue to run on the VPS, and the delay of the VPS should not exceed 20ms.

Do not run with other EAs to avoid unnecessary errors.

Policy setting

  • Strategy Select – Basic/Smooth(recommended) – Smooth strategy is optimized over the underlying strategies for more stable trading results
  • Full Auto Trade  – automatically matches the best currency pairs every month, no need to manually set     *Caution: this mode cannot be used for suffix variety names for now!!
  • Symbol list- a list of symbols separated by commas, to be traded. If it remains empty, the current chart symbol will be run. If your broker uses a suffix, you need to include the suffix!
  • Max Symbols at a time –  the maximum number of currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously
  • Filter – When the market is intense, filter, 1 for strict filtering, 2 for the recommendation level
  • Lot-sizing Method – Fixed lot/Auto lot – based on balance/Miexed lot –  lots calculated according to the balance, when the balance decreases, the number of hands does not decrease/Bet lot – double lots after a loss of a trade (not recommended)
  • Fixed Lot- fixed trading lot,when using Auto lot, keep the number of fixed lot at 0.01
  • Auto lot(balance based) – the automatic lot used for each balance base. If you fill in 50 , it will use 0.01 lot per $50
  • Maximum drawdown percentage   – if the current exceeds the specified percentage retracement float, EA will close open positions – 1 means 100%
  • Maximum slippage, in points – maximum allowable slippage

Basic Strategy Setting

  • Minimum TakeProfit
  • Minimum TakeProfti

**This parameter is invalid when the Smooth policy is used

Time setting

  • GMT selection – select the GMT offset of the current server location
  • Stop trading time – all open positions will be closed at this time
  • Trade on Friday – Closed will not open positions on Friday, no need to hold positions for the weekend

Other settings

  • Tradecomment – GoodMorning
  • MagicNumber- unique EA instance number. Usually don’t need to change it