Capitalist MT4



A fully automated trading system designed for trading instruments of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The Expert Advisor uses proven software solutions.
The trading algorithm includes functions for monitoring the current state of the market, changes in the volatility of selected instruments, slippage, and spread expansion.

Features of the expert’s work:

The Expert Advisor uses a scalping strategy.
Any timeframe for work.
It can be used on a VPS and on a personal computer.
The EA automatically calculates the lot size according to the risk level and deposit size selected by the user.
It can be set to any number of symbols at the same time, it is able to work together with other experts, controlling only its positions.
To work on the same instrument with different settings (on separate charts), you need to set individual TradeMagic values on each.
Each position at the opening has a fixed profit level and loss limits.
The Expert Advisor is easily optimized to work with any tools.
Changes in Expert Advisor parameters can change trading tactics, depending on the trader’s preferences in a wide range for various instruments.