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N9T is an innovative Night-Scalping EA. The main strategy is from PROscalper supplemented by TrendFollowerSR and DailyBreakouts with several additional filters.

The EA does not use grid, martingale or other dangerous strategies. Fixed stoploss and take profit are a part of every position.

If a trade does not seem profitable, the Loss-Protection System will try to reduce the resulting losses to a minimum without reaching the maximum stop loss.

EA is designed to trade all supported symbols on one Chart.

Monitoring: N9T Signal – Very High Risk

N9T Signal – Extremely High Risk

N9T Signal – Save Risk

User manual: N9T_User_Manual_EN

Risky Symbols

ANY low Spread Broker with low Spread at night
ECN/Zero Account starting with zero spread
min. 100 USD and higher
ANY (it should be equal to min. 100 USD)
min. 1:20 and higher

If you need some help with the right Broker, please contact us.

Applying the EA only on 1 Symbol e.g. GBPCHF and Timeframe M5
Open the EA Setting and:
Choose your Risk (lower -> better)
Choose the trading Symbols (change them if your have a prefix or suffix e.g. “GBPCHF.r” instead of “GBPCHF”)
Add 2 URL’s and allow Webrequest CTRL+O -> Expert Advisor -> “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” and add the URL’s (without spaces):
https: //www. utctime.net/
https: //www. xe.com/
Using VPS is preferred and improves the EA performance

Usually no changes needed to test the EA, because most of the Brokers use same GMT Offsets
Otherwise change the “GMT Offset” to suit from Broker and the “Daylight Savings” also
After GMT was set up, choose the Symbol (from our supported Symbols) to test on timeframe M5
If the Tests differ greatly or do not work at all, then you can try to set up testing via the user manual.

And if you still need help, please feel free to contact us! We will help you with testing very quickly.

Important Parameters
Trading Type Type of Limit Orders to place
Order Type Type of Orders to place – Limit and/or Market
Stop Loss Max. Stop Loss
Smart Take Profit Adjust Take Profit after bad Slippage

One-Chart-Setup Use the EA on only 1 Chart for all Pairs
Currency Pairs Recommended Currency Pairs to trade
Risky Currency Pairs Risky Currency Pairs to trade

Money to Trade What money should be traded
Max. Money To Trade Type of the Money which should be traded
Amount Among of max. Money to trade
Hard-Close Close all Positions if the max. Limit will be reached

Auto-Lot Use Autolot of whole money or max. Money to trade
Manual Lot-Size Lot-Size if Auto-Lot = OFF

Risk Management Used Risk to trade
Decrease Risk Risk-Decreaser

Auto-GMT Detect the Server Time and Offset automatically
GMT Offset Broker GMT Offset (used when Auto-GMT = false)
Daylight Savings Daylight Savings of your Broker
Auto-Currency-Exchange Used in Accounts with different Currency as USD or EUR